Sunday 25 January 2015

The Weekend is here! Let's go! #YourTurnChallenge

The weekend is finally here, are you ready?!

Step 1 -  Soccer kit……check!

Step 2 – Soccer ball, where could it be I know Lenny hasn’t visited me all week so it must be around here somewhere. Ahhhh here we go, soccer ball….check!

Step 3 – Game plan!

I know my coaches can be quite sneaky, you never know when a pirate or a monkey may pop up during class, I must be prepared for all scenarios. They won’t be able to catch me!!

Game plan check, don’t worry team I will fill you in before class just make sure that sneaky Lenny doesn’t find out our plan of attack. It should be a fun class we may even be able to catch all the silly animals who try to sneak up on us!

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