Friday, 16 September 2016

Little Kickers ranking in the PROFIT 500

Little Kickers Ranks No. 195 on the 2016 PROFIT 500

PROFIT and Canadian Business unveils 28th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

(September 15, 2016) Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked Little Kickers No. 195 on the 28th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Published in the October issue of Canadian Business and at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian businesses by their five-year revenue growth.

Little Kickers made the 2016 PROFIT 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 300%.

“Companies become a part of the PROFIT 500 through innovative thinking, smart strategy and sheer grit,” says James Cowan, Editor-in-chief of PROFIT and Canadian Business. “These firms demonstrate what Canadian entrepreneurs can achieve, both at home and across the globe.”

“Little Kickers is honoured to be on the PROFIT 500 ranking,” says CEO Christine Stanschus. “This achievement reflects the strength of Little Kickers and the hard-work and dedication of our team. We’re so pleased to be in a position where we can have such a positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of children”

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About PROFIT and
PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success is Canada’s preeminent media brand dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and mid-sized businesses. For 34 years, Canadian entrepreneurs across a vast array of economic sectors have remained loyal to PROFIT because it’s a timely and reliable source of actionable information that helps them achieve business success and get the recognition they deserve for generating positive economic and social change. Visit PROFIT online at

About Canadian Business
Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving, best-selling and most-trusted business publication in the country. With a total brand readership of more than 1.1 million, it is the country's premier media brand for executives and senior business leaders. It fuels the success of Canada's business elite with a focus on the things that matter most: leadership, innovation, business strategy and management tactics. We provide concrete examples of business achievement, thought-provoking analysis and compelling storytelling, all in an elegant package with bold graphics and great photography. Canadian Business—what leadership looks like.

About Little Kickers

At Little Kickers we have four different soccer classes each tailored to a different age group. However, we have two core beliefs that we take into every session.

Firstly, we believe in something we call “Play not Push”. It means teaching soccer in a fun, pressure-free environment. We want to give children a positive introduction to sport as a whole, not just soccer, so they’re more likely to stay healthy and active throughout their lives.

Secondly, we believe soccer can be educational. Coached in the right way it can stimulate imagination and aid early development skills such as learning colours and numbers, following instructions and playing as a team.

It’s an approach that has bagged us numerous awards and helped us expand globally over the last 12 years. And like all our Kickers, we never stop learning. We’re continually improving and updating our classes, based on feedback and input from child health specialists as well as our network of over 1,500 soccer coaches worldwide.


Media contact
Daniel Brownlie, Little Kickers

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Weekend is here! Let's go! #YourTurnChallenge

The weekend is finally here, are you ready?!

Step 1 -  Soccer kit……check!

Step 2 – Soccer ball, where could it be I know Lenny hasn’t visited me all week so it must be around here somewhere. Ahhhh here we go, soccer ball….check!

Step 3 – Game plan!

I know my coaches can be quite sneaky, you never know when a pirate or a monkey may pop up during class, I must be prepared for all scenarios. They won’t be able to catch me!!

Game plan check, don’t worry team I will fill you in before class just make sure that sneaky Lenny doesn’t find out our plan of attack. It should be a fun class we may even be able to catch all the silly animals who try to sneak up on us!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day 4: Thursday are all about TEAMWORK!

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results”

T - togetherness
E - educational
A - animation
M - motivational
W - witty
O – originality
R -  respect
K – kind

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 3!

Day 3: Wednesday

Alright TEAM Wednesday is HERE! We are almost at the weekend so it is time to get to work.

It’s about time we give our coaches some new games to play with us!
Here’s what we will need:

1.    Castle’s
2.    Soldier’s
3.    Crocodiles
4.    Treasure

I think we are set! Looks like we will see everyone at the treasure hunt this weekend.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day 2: Life of a Little Kicker

Day 2 Tuesday:

On Tuesdays we TRAIN for our classes, ready set GO!

Alright Dad I will count to 50
1…..2………..3……………..4……………………5……………….6…….Dad? We are not at 50 yet, come on. Fine, break time we can take the dog for a walk instead. We need to practice our tiny turtle kicks and our BIG elephant kicks, time to get outside and PLAY!

Monday, 19 January 2015

A Little Kickers life #YourTurnChallenge

Day 1 Monday:

Is it Monday again? I think I should stay here all day!

Do you not know what I have just done all weekend? Well let me tell you! First we had a giant HUNGRY HIPPO show up at our soccer class and we had to feed him all of the soccer balls.

THEN you will never guess what happened! Lenny the pirate came out to play.

Little did he know how fast I can run and I made it all the way to the other island without being captured.

BUT before we knew it Lenny the pirate abandoned his ship and was trying to steal all of our soccer balls, but we have been practicing every week to make sure he doesn’t get them.

And we did IT!! Well done everyone, we managed to escape that silly pirate for now. I think it is only fair I get to sleep on the couch all day. See everyone tomorrow!

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