Wednesday 30 March 2011

Outdoor soccer

It's that time of year again. It has come a little bit later than years past and perhaps we are still not completely done with sub-zero temperatures, but Spring is on its way. I can tell because people are leaving their winter boots and parkas at home and rather choosing to break out the running shoes and spring jackets! The snow has all melted and the grass will soon be ready to grow again.

We are excited about the warm weather but even more excited to take our talents into the great outdoors! All of our classes will be moving to local fields for the summer and we are getting our coaches ready to take on some extra classes as demand increases. As we are entering our busiest summer yet we are still accommodating new Little Kickers and welcoming registrations for the Spring and Summer.

Get in touch right away to be sure your little one gets to enjoy a summer of soccer and new friends!

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Soccer in Canada

Recent reports across various media outlets in Canada have confirmed that soccer is experiencing growth in participants across all ages, while hockey has started to decline!

This is surprising in a country that has always been so focused (read - fanatical) on hockey. We get behind our favourite teams with all of our vim and vigour and when it comes to supporting teams in International Competitions, we come together and unite behind our very successful Canadian hockey teams.

So why are more people playing soccer? There are obvious links between the cost of getting a child enrolled in hockey and the drop of participants. There are also links between the number of immigrants who come from countries that hold soccer in the highest regard.

Whatever the reason, Canadian's are now flocking to the local fields to take it all in! We as Canadian's are starting to embrace just how global this game is and perhaps... just maybe... we are buying into the hype!

Let's hope these promising trends can enable our National Teams to compete at the highest level.
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